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Campotest englisch

campo, el – field, country, (....this is the definition in the dictionary)Living in the “campo” or “countryside” – means a life of tranquillity, relaxation and ‘at one’ with nature. There are no sounds except those of the nature all around us. It can also mean that you will miss some of the comforts of the daily life that you are used to. For example, there is no mail delivered to your house and no refuse collection from your house.The tracks are not always concreted and with little or no rain, in the summer for example, there can be a lot of dust. And because the winters are very mild there are mosquitoes, with the addition of wasps and flies during the hotter months. This is part and parcel of the ‘campo’ experience.We wish to make you aware of what you could experience during your visit to the ‘Campo’ as we would not want you to have any unpleasant surprises during your visit. So to help you decide whether you are suited for the campo, we have a little quiz for you.

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Are you suitable for the “campo”?

You will be driving on a campo track. To the right hand side is an abyss and to the left hand side there is a cliff face, and you don’t have a head for heights. What would you do?a) You cry desperately to return home and complain to the Spanish traffic authorityb) you leave the car and continue on footc) You are brave and go on, carefully following the track

You are in the shower covered with gel and need to rinse it off, but there is no water. What do you do?a) You curse, rage and scream and want to have your money refundedb) You look – carefully, as you are slippery! – for the reasonc) You rinse yourself off with bottled water

You are looking forward to an evening with your favourite TV programme. In the middle of the programme the power goes off. How do you react?a) You are upset and think about going homeb) You take a torch and a screwdriver and try to repair the electricityc) You light some candles and have a romantic evening

You are preparing your barbecue. Your charcoal is nearly ready and the steaks, ribs and sausages are waiting to be cooked. Suddenly you see some cats stealing your meat. What do you do? a) You lose consciousnessb) You look for the telephone number of an animal shelterc) You splash water onto the offending felines, wash your meat, season it again and cook

If you have answered all of these questions with c) – Congratulations! You have passed the test and there is nothing between you and your enjoyment of your holiday in the campo.If you have answered two to four c’s, your campo-suitability needs a little improvement!If you have only have answered one or no c’s you should think about spending your holidays in an apartment near the coast. You still don’t get refuse collection but you can get to chat with other holiday-makers about the annoying flies, wasps, mosquitoes and thieving cats! (Because it happens in hotels too!)If all this has left you with a bad impression of life far away from the hustle and bustle of civilization, if you have a picture of dry landscapes with wild animals in your mind’s eye and you think you will return home 3 weeks later with a full beard and dirty hair - no!These are only things that could happen but rarely!Problems with water are rare and if it rains a lot maybe the electricity will be cut for a short time.Only the campo-tracks and the cats (which are our pets) are real.But to reassure you – other people in the campo experience the same problems – they wash with bottled water and enjoy a romantic evening.

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